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  • tranSMART知识管理平台
  • tranSMART,知识管理平台;科研数据积累和利用,实验数据的开放和共享;
  • 科研数据积累和利用,实验数据的开放和共享
  • tranSMART

    tranSMART 是一个开源的知识管理平台,可以帮助生物医学研究者通过关联基因型和表型数据形成和优化研究假设,可以和其他同类工作和数据的上下文环境中评价自己的研究成果。

    The tranSMART platform makes it possible for scientists to:

    • Develop, test and refine research hypotheses

    • Search multiple data sets for potential drug targets, pathways and biomarkers

    • Compare data from proteomics, metabolomics and other “omics” studies

    • Contrast patterns of gene expression in healthy and diseased individuals and tissue samples

    • Investigate correlations between genotype and phenotype in clinical trial data

    • Mine pre-clinical data for insights into the biology of human disease

    • Study genetic and environmental factors involved in human disease

    • Display data visually using a graphical interface

    • Stratify clinical data into molecular subtypes of a specific disease

    • Collaborate across academic and corporate research sectors